We know that delivering the best service to our clients means hiring, cultivating and retaining the best lawyers and staff.

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What is it like to work at LOIS?

Diversity and Inclusion at LOIS

Our Standard

Our founder is a nationally-recognized leader and author on the defense of workers’ compensation claims. We serve the most sophisticated and demanding clients in New York and New Jersey. We set the standard and the pace for workers’ compensation defense.

Our Team

We are developing the next generation of attorney leader. LOIS is the perfect platform for aggressive, defense-minded attorneys to build their practice and their reputation. We invest in our staff and associates. We are a team serving the best clients in the world.

Our Outlook

Aggressive and focused attorneys in court, relentlessly positive and collaborative in the office.

Work-Life Balance

We are a focused law firm. We treat associates like adults. We have an expectation that junior lawyers can manage their own workload which creates flexibility if you need to get out at a particular time. Associates are offered ample opportunity for direct contact with clients.

The Firm has heavily invested in technology to ensure that every digital tool that is available within the offices is also available remotely.

Clear goals and calendar milestones for career development are provided to all attorneys. All attorneys are offered periodic reviews.

The Interview Process at LOIS

There are at least three interviews during the candidate selection process. First, selected attorney candidates are interviewed by the Firm’s human resource representative. If appropriate, an attorney interview is conducted by partners of the Firm. At this initial partner interview, which may be by phone, the candidates’ basic job qualifications and experience will be explored. If the initial phone interview is positive, a second interview may be scheduled to include the managing partner or other attorney leaders at the Firm. We try to schedule interviews during normal business hours so that the candidate can see the Firm in action. Of course, and where the candidate’s schedule requires it, we can schedule after- or before-work hours interviews. On occasion, and due to busy calendars, we have even interviewed attorneys in Court!

LOIS LLC is an equal-opportunity employer.

All posted positions are full time unless noted. All posted staff positions are hourly unless noted.

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