Lois Law Firm counts among its clients several general liability, premises liability and automobile liability insurance carriers and third party administrators. Our attorneys regularly represent these clients’ insureds in defense of personal injury matters filed in all counties in Metropolitan New York, all counties in New Jersey and in the federal courts. We also defend the rights of carriers and self-insureds in reimbursement claims under New York WCL § 29 and New Jersey’s Section 40 (N.J.S.A. 34:15-40).

As with all litigated matters, we take a proactive approach to the defense of claims of personal injury and, as a result, our clients enjoy a very high rate of success in settlement and at trial.

Our Approach

Within seven (7) days of referral, we provide our clients with a comprehensive legal action plan and budget, setting out the likely recovery or exposure, a clear plan of action to get the case to close, analysis of any potential legal defenses or barriers to recovery, and identify the handling/trial attorney and paralegal assigned to the case. We provide you with any court- or venue- specific information, such as who the judge is, evaluation of the treating providers, best IME doctor to use, etc.

Where We Go

We actively pursue risk transfer opportunities for our clients across State lines and across the country where workers’ compensation benefits have been paid in New York, New Jersey, or Longshore. We have pursued recovery across the country, literally from California to Maine. We handle the defense of first-party matters in New York and New Jersey state and federal courts.


We are strictly time and expense. Contact Greg Lois for our rates.

Attorney Contact

Contact partner Greg Lois with questions or to make referrals.

The Risk Transfer, Subrogation & General Litigation Team at Lois Law Firm

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