Lois Law Firm believes in always having a coach in our corner to help strengthen goal achievement and alignment with clients. Coaching creates an atmosphere of solution with a strategic, laser-focused connection to the necessary steps for achievement. This is why we have a full-time coach on staff that continually meets with all members of the Firm to help us overcome obstacles, find deeper solutions, and adapt to an ever-changing legal landscape.

Marc Girardi is a WCI Certified Executive Business Coach with a strong history of C-Level coaching and an extensive list of success stories. He focuses on helping all levels of employees utilize the tools at their disposal to build effective strategies for continued advancement. Every month, he publishes internal articles with a wide range of coaching themes to help bridge the gaps of engagement with the inspiration of professional growth.

As Marc explains, “The key to business is finding your passion, building on your desires, growing your awareness, and having an ability to embrace the idea that consistent growth is your biggest skill. As an Executive Business Coach, my focus is on bridging the gap between culture, passion, commitment, and development. There is simply no such thing as failure when you are continually geared towards bettering yourself and the community around you.”

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