Third Fridays Podcast: Episode 60

When a Claimant Wants a Disallowed Claim

Christian Sison welcomes returning guests Addison O’Donnell and Christopher Major to discuss a real doozy of an Appellate Division case, Timperio v Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. The case involved an unfortunate mass shooting in a New York City hospital, but involved a claimant requesting the case be disallowed and a carrier requesting the case be established! Listen to the 3 attorneys analyze the potential scenarios that led to these respective positions, to see how a strategic defense theory can work in unintended ways!

What is “Third Fridays”?

Third Fridays Podcast is a live, 30-minute legal talk show from Lois Law Firm featuring moderator Christian Sison. It is the original forum in which real attorneys discuss workers’ compensation issues, share their opinions and engage in colorful conversations.

The goal of the show is to showcase the diverse perspectives of the attorneys handling workers’ compensation cases. Attorneys discuss case law trends, practical litigation strategies, and hot topics.

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