First Draft Podcast: Episode 1

Kill Your Darlings

In this episode, Host Addison O’Donnell is joined by guest Joseph Melchionne as they uncover the mystery illness at the heart of a wild workers’ compensation case.

What is “First Draft with Addison O’Donnell”?

There are thousands of cases at Lois Law Firm, and Addison O’Donnell believes that there’s a story behind all of them. He takes listeners on an electrifying journey into the wildest legal submissions as to discover the secrets of being a better writer. But nothing is ever as it seems, and by uncovering what is beyond the page, the mysteries of writing are revealed alongside the attorneys, the authors, and the personalities behind the pen. Gather ‘round, pull up a chair, and join in the sleuthing – you might also learn a thing or two for your next FIRST DRAFT.

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