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Passaic Cop Charged with filing false Comp Claim

Remember Ronnie Holloway? He was in the news back in May when a video surfaced showing a Passaic City cop, Joseph Rios, jumping out of a patrol car to beat him. The unprovoked attack was captured on a restaurant’s surveillance camera, and was the subject of breathless reporting in the Spring.

In a comp-related twist, the partner of Officer Rios, who was present at the beating but didn’t take part in it, is being brought up on charges by the Passaic police for allegedly filing a false workers’ comp claim in relation tot he incident.

In her New Jersey claim, officer Erica Rivera claims she was struck repeatedly by her partner’s baton as he attempted to subdue the victim of the police attack, Ron Holloway. Apparently, Officer Rivera was unaware that the whole incident was caught on tape: the images show Officer Rivera pacing, mostly at a safe distance, during the beating. Her claim alleges she “was struck accidentally several times with a baton about the body & head.”

Link to a news report with video of the beating: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lREauR9TvY

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