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Accidental Shooting or Not? Claimant Shoots Investigator.

51-year old William Wehnke was out-of-work this December, collecting workers’ compensation benefits. 26-year-old insurance investigator Matthew Brady of New Jersey was surveilling Wehnke, who was under investigation for insurance fraud.

While filming Wehnke on his property, Brady was shot by Wehnke. Brady’s injuries included wounds to back, side, and leg. Brady required surgery to recover from his wounds, inflicted by Wehnke’s shotgun.
Wehnke claims the shooting was accidental and that he was shooting at some turkeys in his field.

Wehnke claimed that he “didn’t see” Brady crouching in a his field to obtain video surveillance footage. Wehnke claims he was shooting at the wild turkeys which were allegedly present. Challenging Wehnke’s story of an ‘accidental’ shooting is the fact that the turkey season had been over (closed) for months and that he was allegedly using the wrong ammo for hunting turkeys.

Wehnke has been charged with felony-degree assault and weapons charges. A grand jury handed down three indictments. This is the first case we are aware of in which an insurance investigator was shot.

Without a doubt, Investigator Brady is due worker’s compensation benefits!

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