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Winning Results

LOIS Prevails on Evidentiary Standard in New Jersey Appellate Division

Managing Partner Greg Lois with the assistance of Senior Associate Addison O’Donnell obtained a victory at the New Jersey Appellate Division in a contentious New Jersey Workers’ Compensation case. The Petitioner alleged fifty (50) diagnoses as a result of allegedly being exposed while working to chemical fumes from his personal car’s air conditioning system. To prove causation, the Petitioner retained an alleged toxicology expert and argued that the Respondent’s experts provided a “net opinion” with regard to his medical claims. A trial ensued with multiple medical witnesses cross-examined, as well as thousands of pages of documents submitted for the Court’s consideration. Following a favorable disallowance of the case from Judge Gallagher, the Petitioner appealed to the New Jersey Appellate Division on the basis that his expert’s conclusion was supported by the medical record and that the Respondent’s experts were improperly considered in light of the alleged “net opinion” proffered.

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