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LOIS Announces Expansion with Five New Hires

Lois Law Firm is pleased to announce continuing expansion with three new attorneys and two new paraprofessionals joining the Firm’s Paramus office. Lawyers Anthony Iler, Jessica Maxwell, and Leah Winfield join as associate attorneys in the Firm’s workers’ compensation defense practice. Samantha Roth and Daniel Kardan join the firm as para-professional staff.

With offices in New York and New Jersey, Lois Law Firm is the preeminent workers’ compensation defense firm. Founded by experienced trial lawyers devoted to the diligent and aggressive defense of high exposure claims, the firm’s partners are nationally recognized advocates who have consistently achieved success in defending employers in thousands of workers compensation trials and hearings.

“Our team approach to the defense of each case is important,” says partner Declan Gourley. “Our partners lead teams consisting of associates and paralegals who collaborate on cases. This collaboration fosters intimate familiarity with each cases detail and nuances and allows its defense to be strengthened throughout the course of litigation.

“We have a track record of resolving cases that appeared unwinnable,” add partner Tashia Rasul. “Through our aggressive representation, we have repeatedly prevailed in challenging venues and with equally challenging facts.”

“Our experience in the courtroom, in the trial of significant cases, and our reputation among the bench and bar set us apart from other litigation defense firms,” says partner Christian Sison. “The depth, knowledge, and expertise of our trial partners and associates enable us to obtain the best results for our clients.”

“Our partners all come from different backgrounds, yet all share a belief that hard work and integrity yield the best results and forge lasting relationships,” says partner Joe Jones. “These principles are the cornerstones of our firm’s practice and are reflected in our daily approach to our clients, adversaries, ad the practice of law.”

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