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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

“This case is unwinnable.”

A look into our Obligations as Legal Professionals

Limiting Beliefs: Opinions that one believes to be the absolute truth.

​​​​​​​By nature, we all do this. We all have limiting beliefs that we tend to just repeat over and over. “I’m not good enough,” “this is too hard,” “there’s no point.”

Limiting Beliefs cause us to set a certain tone and defeated mentality in everything we do. It festers and tends to grow into additional statements that signal a failure in your brain. They eventually create a constant doubt and negative outlook on most aspects of life. To say they are dangerous is an understatement when talking about personal and professional development.

As attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants and firm team members, we have an obligation to our clients to always provide the best service possible. This means removing our Limiting Beliefs and focusing on solutions as the only acceptable result.

Imagine going to a five-star restaurant and ordering a very unique meal with a mouth-watering description. After the waiter places it on the table, you notice it is missing ingredients and just looks like foods were thrown together to be served quickly. You ask to speak to the Head Chef and after hearing your complaints, he simply says, “There’s a lot of people here tonight. Not every meal is going to be perfect. It’s still edible.”

Admit it, you would be infuriated. Who wouldn’t?! After a potential deep-dive into your own desires to write a bad Yelp review, you will likely decide to never visit that restaurant again. In fact, a couple of weeks later, you might find a new five-star restaurant to replace that awful food-experience.

The same way we expect the best food and service at a five-star restaurant, our clients expect the most top-notch legal service we can provide. Sure, some cases might seem routine and prior experience might tell you there’s “nothing you can do to change the outcome,” but that mindset will only turn away our clients.

Every single Limiting Belief you bring to life will hold you back. They slow down your growth, they darken your mindset, and they make you break the promises you made to the people who are relying on you to help them. Why let any of that happen?! We owe it to our clients and ourselves to take these Limiting Beliefs out of our minds.

On a personal level, it’s important to discover the depths of your Limiting Beliefs. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do you make these statements?
  • What can you do right NOW to eradicate those statements from your thoughts and phrasing?
  • How can improving on this improve your life?

Professionally, adjusting Limiting Beliefs will help you rise the ranks and make you an overall better Legal Professional. Ask yourself the following questions with every work situation you come across:

  • What is your over-arching focus?
  • Who are you trying to help?
  • What else might you be able to do in and effort to help that person?
  • Will what you deliver truly be your best work?
  • What could make things better?

These exploratory questions are the catalyst to the professional (and personal) growth you want to achieve. Leaders of all kinds often expose themselves to training that focuses on adjusting the use of Limiting Beliefs and taking themselves and their businesses to the next level.

Our Firm offers quite a few ways to work through Limiting Beliefs. The Employee Experience Team is always willing to help, Workout Wednesday provides a great way to break out of your mindset, and our Employee Growth Coach is literally tuned into detecting and helping you overcome all Limiting Beliefs by profession. The first step is being self-aware of the language you use to speak in your mind and out loud. If there are Limiting Beliefs at any point that you notice, your goal should be to reach out to any of the above listed resources and see how to improve on them. Doing so will help you reach new levels for yourself.

As far as our clients, we owe it to them to give them the best. They’ve put their trust in us as a five-star law firm that will always work towards their best interests and that’s exactly what we will give them! “Wins” for us are not just defined as case dismissal, they’re defined in a great deal of ways:

  • IME or P.I. results helping to prove potential fraud
  • Successful appeals
  • Lower than authorized settlements
  • Clients e-mailing to tell us they value all our hard work
  • Creating chaos to reduce case valuation and pushing for a demand

Our goal should always be to improve ourselves and to be the best for our clients. Getting rid of Limiting Beliefs will help you to get the wins listed above while also giving you more fulfillment out of life. The language you repeat to yourself is a huge part of living your best life so what’s holding you back from discovering your potential?

Let’s make it happen!

What is a Limiting Belief you often tell yourself?

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