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Trial-tested Lois Law Firm Recognized by Peers

“I am honored and grateful for the recognition of my fellow New York attorneys,” says Greg Lois, coauthor of the LexisNexis Practice Guide and managing partner of Lois Law Firm LLC. “I have always measured the quality of my legal services by the results I achieve for my clients, and I think this recognition speaks to my long track record on behalf of employers.” Over his nearly twenty year career Lois has defended every industry and tried cases throughout New York and New Jersey, including venues ranging from Buffalo, New York to Atlantic City, New Jersey. “We succeed thanks to our trial-tested techniques, technology advantages, and exceptional communication and teamwork skills.”

Lois’s partners bring considerable expertise to the firm, with Joe Jones leading the New Jersey workers’ compensation defense practice throughout New Jersey. “With our specialized skills and resources, we can guide clients with the heart of a teacher while we aggressively defend their interests in any court proceeding,” says Jones. “Our trial attorneys are experienced and regularly try cases in all Jersey courts.”

“Trial attorneys need to be excellent listeners,” says Greg Lois, managing partner of Lois Law Firm LLC, a nationally-recognized leader in employer-side workers’ compensation litigation. “Our attorneys need to be able to ascertain the client’s objectives and construct a litigation plan that meets those objectives.”

Lois would know. The managing partner of his firm, Lois has been in the field for nearly twenty years and seen it grow from a niche to a booming business. In that time he has built a practice dedicated to defending employers and carriers in workers compensation claims and addressing what he sees as a central threat to their business: runaway workers’ compensation costs and settlements.

“One of the central challenges with a workers’ compensation practice is staying current on various medical and pharmacological changes that impact these cases,” Lois said. “Conversely, one of the most rewarding aspects is when the litigation plan we construct for a client results in the best possible outcome for that client.”

It’s expected that an attorney would see the law change and shift during decades of practice. But with new law at the state and federal level, increase in medical technology, and impact of national trends like the opioid epidemic, new trends are emerging much more quickly – and with a greater, immediate impact felt on the client side.

“Workers’ compensation law has especially evolved over the past two years where the opioid crisis and impact of medicinal marijuana are impacting more and more cases and clients,” says Lois. “Thus, effectively representing clients requires us to stay on top of emerging national trends.”

Despite a demanding practice, Lois makes time to give back to the community and serves or has served as a member of several professional organizations. In addition, Lois is the coauthor of the LexisNexis Practice Guide to New Jersey workers’ compensation and a frequent keynote speaker on workers’ compensation topics for national audiences.

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This book is designed for employers, attorneys, claim adjusters, physicians, self-insured employers and vocational rehabilitation workers.

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New York Workers’ Compensation Defense at Lois Law Firm

We represent insurance carriers, self-insured employers, third party claim administrators, and employers before the New York State Workers' Compensation Board. We handle cases from cradle-to-grave. We want to be by your side, moving cases aggressively to closure from the start of litigation all the way through to settlement.

We only assign one attorney and one paralegal to each case. This means that your team members always have one contact to go to for any questions. We do not have 'hearing attorney' or a 'negotiation attorney' or 'appeal department' or anything else! All of our attorneys handle all of those roles – meaning cases are not 'passed around' as they move through the litigation process. Your risk professional or adjuster always knows who is assigned – because the attorney does not change.

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