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The Defense of Your Business is Our Business®

You don’t need a Firm, you need an attorney. That relationship is powerful when it is working well. And when it isn’t – when your attorney is not communicating with you, not asking the right questions, or not being aggressive enough – the relationship has failed. You deserve a partner, not a vendor.

We handle all of our workers’ compensation defense cases from cradle-to-grave. We want to be by your side, moving cases aggressively to closure from the start of litigation all the way through to settlement. We only assign one attorney and one paralegal to each case. The attorney/paralegal assignments are made based on the court the case will be listed in.

This means that your team members always have one contact to go to for any questions. We do not have “hearing attorney” or a “negotiation attorney” or “appeal department” or anything else! All of our attorneys handle all of those roles – meaning cases are not “passed around” as they move through the litigation process. Your adjuster always knows who is assigned – because the attorney does not change.

All of our attorneys are 100% dedicated to defending worker’s compensation claims. While we do some associated general litigation (usually subrogation related to the workers’ compensation claims we handle) all LOIS attorneys focus their practice on workers’ compensation defense.

We defend workers’ compensation cases across New York. We are in every city court every day. We handle the entire state of New Jersey.

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“The Defense of Your Business is Our Business®” is the registered trademark of Lois Law Firm LLC.

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