Defending Employers Podcast: Episode 132

Workers’ Compensation and Coronavirus (COVID-19): Your Questions Answered

Attorney Greg Lois leads a webinar for clients on the compensability of infectious disease claims in New York, New Jersey and Longshore workers’ compensation courts. This audio if from a live webinar and question-and-answer session provided by the Firm on March 9, 2020.

What is “Defending Employers: Audio From Lois Law Firm, Workers’ Compensation Defense Attorneys”?

This is the audio feed from Lois Law Firm’s popular webinar training series. Every month the Firm’s attorneys present different topics in workers’ compensation. Meant as a 101 level training course, the attorneys present a fresh take on common issues in workers’ compensation defense.

Special Reports and Presentations: When emerging legal issues arise that impact employers, Lois Law Firm publishes special presentations. These special events, hosted by attorneys and presented in plain English, make the emergent changes understandable for business owners, insurance carriers, and other attorneys.

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