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New Uninsured Employer Forms

The Division of Workers’ Compensation has simplified the process for obtaining payment from the Uninsured Employers’ Fund.

From Director Calderone’s February 5, 2007 memo:

“The current law requires that a petitioner or the petitioner’s attorney make a request for payment in writing to the Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development before the Uninsured Employer’s Fund (UEF) can comply with an order for petitioner benefits, counsel fees or other costs. To have each individual petitioner or petitioner attorney prepare separate letters for payment has created unnecessary benefit delays and expenses for the parties.”

The Division has created a new form that all UEF attorneys will have available at the time a judgment or order for UEF benefits is entered. The UEF attorney will bring the completed form back to the Division to commence the payment process. No additional letters or mailings will be required by the parties.

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