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Appellate Division weigh in on Greg Lois’ case

The Appellate Division affirmed the trial court in ‘Cucciniello v. The Sports Authority.’ Greg Lois wrote the Appellate Brief.

The Appellate Court found that a subsequent aggravating incident was not a “new injury” sufficient to break the chain of causation. This unpublished decision departs from the prior case law and basically holds that a superseding, new incident will not break the causal chains unless a doctor directly told the claimant not to engage in a specific activity.

Adjusters and risk managers are warned NOT to apply the reasoning of the Appellate Panel in reviewing specific cases; the poor reasoning employed by the Appellate courts basically serves to annihilate the ‘superceding/intervening’ defense which is one of the most well-settled tenets of western law/civil law.

Citation: Cucciniello v. The Sports Authority, App. Div. A-1235-07T3 (Decided September 24, 2008).

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