A New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Webinar

Pretrial Conferences, Trials, and Appeals

Pretrial conferences, trials, and appeals are the final and most important stages of any litigation process, and New Jersey workers’ compensation law is no exception. In this seminar, you will learn how to effectively and efficiently handle the various aspects of pretrial conferences, trials, and appeals in New Jersey workers’ compensation cases.

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  • Course Outline
  • Who Should Attend?
  • How to prepare for a pretrial conference with the judge of compensation: How to review and organize your case, and how to communicate and negotiate with the judge and the opposing party, in order to resolve the case or narrow the issues for trial.
  • How to execute a pretrial memorandum and ready a matter for trial: How to draft and file a pretrial memorandum that summarizes the facts, issues, and evidence of your case, and how to ready your case for trial by completing the necessary steps and forms.
  • Conduct of trials, order of proofs, and appellate procedure: How to conduct a trial before the judge of compensation, and how to present your proofs in the proper order and manner, as well as the rules and procedures for appealing the judge's decision to the Appellate Division or the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Webinar Series

Lois Law Firm presents a monthly live seminar on Defending Workers’ Compensation Claims in New Jersey. These webinars are focused on practical claims-handling and perfect for your team members who need state-specific training or a refresher course for this jurisdiction! Each webinar features a live presentation followed by a Question & Answer session.

Starting in 2024, the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Webinar Series will be held at 1:00 PM EST on either the FIRST or SECOND Monday of the month. Please check each webinar listing for the exact day they will take place. To register for a New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Webinar, click the button below:

Download the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law Handbook

Download Our New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law Handbook

This is the 2023 edition of Greg Lois’New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law Handbook.”

THE MOST PRACTICAL, up-to-date, and easy-to-understand guide to workers' compensation claims in New Jersey. This book is designed for employers, attorneys, claim adjusters, physicians, self-insured employers, and vocational rehabilitation workers. This guide is written in plain English by a New Jersey State attorney and provides a detailed analysis of relevant statutes and regulations; a complete recap of recent court decisions including 2021 & 2022 cases; and a full description of current practice.

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New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Defense at Lois Law Firm

For more than 20 years we have represented insurance carriers, self-insured employers, third party claim administrators, and employers before New Jersey’s Division of Workers’ Compensation. Our founding partner, Greg Lois, is co-author of the LexisNexis “Practice Guide to Workers’ Compensation in New Jersey published by Matthew Bender (2017-2023, ISBN:9781663363053) and served as Law Clerk to Hon. Joan Mott, Administrative Supervisor of Workers Compensation.

Along with managing partner Greg Lois and a dedicated team of experienced attorneys and paraprofessionals, we handle New Jersey cases from cradle-to-grave. We want to be by your side, moving cases aggressively to closure from the start of litigation all the way through to settlement.

We only assign one attorney and one paralegal to each case. The attorney/paralegal assignments are made based on the court the case will be listed in.

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