A Construction Defense Webinar

Litigating Policy Disputes in Construction Cases

In this video taken from her popular webinar series, Tashia Rasul leads a discussion and answers questions about litigating policy disputes in construction accident cases.

Tashia is a partner at Lois Law Firm and Construction Defense Team Leader. This video is from a live webinar recorded on October 4, 2021.

In this video, Tashia talks about:

  • Who is covered in a Wrap-Up policy? What is an “enrolled” contractor and why does it matter?
  • What is covered in a wrap-up policy? Why is project definition and “phasing” important?
  • An overview of common issues that arise from a construction policy dispute.

About the Construction Defense Webinar Series

The Construction Litigation Webinar Series is a monthly discussion of recent case law developments and best practices for handling construction accident claims in New York. To register for a Construction Litigation Webinar, click the button below:

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Download Our Defending Construction Claims Handbook

Tashia Rasul’s Handbook, “Defending Construction Claims in New York,” subtitled “A Practical Protocol for Coordinating Workers’ Compensation and General Liability Defense in Catastrophic Construction Claims,” is intended for employers, risk managers, insurance brokers and adjusters who are involved in the defense of construction accident claims in New York, and who are looking for a plain-English guide to defending these claims.

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Learn More About Construction Defense at LOIS

Why LOIS Has a Dedicated Construction Defense Practice

Lois has a dedicated Construction Defense Practice because New York construction injuries often lead to two claims: one pending in workers’ compensation court and a civil case based on New York’s Labor Law. These cases are multi-jurisdictional as the two courts reviewing the same set of facts have very different jurisdictional limitations and powers. The injured worker is typically represented by seasoned counsel (from one of just a few firms who have turned construction claims into a specialty) and is aided by a statutory scheme in New York which creates a cottage industry of strict liability claims for employers. The embattled construction employer is therefore required to defend two claims at once filed by the same employee.

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