Defending Employers Podcast: Episode 315

The Fascinating World of New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Defense Strategies

In this episode “Ethical Considerations for Defense Counsel in a New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Case,” Greg Lois dives into the fascinating world of New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Defense Strategies and explores the ins and outs of defending claims in the context of workplace injuries.

Here’s what Greg covers in this podcast:

  • Welcome to our journey through the intricacies of workers’ compensation defense. We’ll define the scope of our exploration and set the stage for what’s to come.
  • Imagine you’re sitting across from a client who needs your expertise. How do you approach the initial meeting? We’ll discuss strategies for effective client intake and provide an overview of the defense process.
  • Who’s who in the legal drama? We’ll introduce the key players and discuss their roles (Parties and Opposing Counsel).
  • The heart of any case lies in the details. Let’s delve into gathering information about employment history, accidents, and alleged injuries.
  • Money matters! We’ll calculate the petitioner’s average weekly wage and understand its significance.
  • The insurer’s stance matters. We’ll dissect their decisions and their impact on the case.
  • Legal maneuvers! We’ll explore the procedures for seeking temporary disability benefits and medical coverage.
  • Paper trails matter. We’ll collect relevant employment records and documents.
  • Sherlock Holmes mode: Activate! Techniques for investigating injury claims.
  • Time travel to the past! Uncover historical data and commission investigations.
  • Doctor’s orders: Analyze medical evidence like a pro.

What is “Defending Employers: Audio From Lois Law Firm, Workers’ Compensation Defense Attorneys”?

This is the audio feed from Lois Law Firm’s popular webinar training series. Every month the Firm’s attorneys present different topics in workers’ compensation. Meant as a 101 level training course, the attorneys present a fresh take on common issues in workers’ compensation defense.

Special Reports and Presentations: When emerging legal issues arise that impact employers, Lois Law Firm publishes special presentations. These special events, hosted by attorneys and presented in plain English, make the emergent changes understandable for business owners, insurance carriers, and other attorneys.

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New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Defense at Lois Law Firm

For more than 20 years we have represented insurance carriers, self-insured employers, third party claim administrators, and employers before New Jersey’s Division of Workers’ Compensation. Our founding partner, Greg Lois, is co-author of the LexisNexis “Practice Guide to Workers’ Compensation in New Jersey published by Matthew Bender (2017-2023, ISBN:9781663363053) and served as Law Clerk to Hon. Joan Mott, Administrative Supervisor of Workers Compensation.

Along with managing partner Greg Lois and a dedicated team of experienced attorneys and paraprofessionals, we handle New Jersey cases from cradle-to-grave. We want to be by your side, moving cases aggressively to closure from the start of litigation all the way through to settlement.

We only assign one attorney and one paralegal to each case. The attorney/paralegal assignments are made based on the court the case will be listed in.

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