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The Impact of Civil Cases on Workers’ Compensation Claims: Investigation, Leverage, and the Global Defense Model

The claimant/petitioner filing a civil action is useful for more than just lien rights. Many times, discovery responses or deposition transcripts are filed in support of motions. The employer/carrier can also intervene and subpoena records. What might this discovery yield, and how can we weaponize it? In this LIVE webinar, Christopher Major, partner at Lois Law Firm, will cover how to investigate and leverage a civil case, principles of res judicata and collateral estoppel, and how the “global defense” model is the key to driving down exposure.

Download the New York Risk Transfer Handbook

Download Our New York Risk Transfer Handbook

New for 2022, Chris Major has written the “New York Risk Transfer Handbook" which he describes as "an effort to present to you, the curious claims professional, supervisor, manager, risk transfer or recovery specialist, or even fellow lawyer, just how subrogation makes sense in the context of your claims.”

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Why LOIS Has a Dedicated Civil Litigation Practice

LOIS has a dedicated Civil Litigation Practice to serve general liability, premises liability, automobile liability insurance carriers and third party administrators in reimbursement claims under New York WCL § 29 and New Jersey’s Section 40 (N.J.S.A. 34:15-40). Our attorneys also regularly represent these clients’ insureds in defense of personal injury matters filed in all counties in Metropolitan New York, all counties in New Jersey and in the federal courts.

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