A Construction Defense Webinar

Preparing for the Construction Loss

In this video, “Preparing for the Loss,” Tashia Rasul, partner at Lois Law Firm, talks about the preparation and planning needed long before the construction project or program experiences any injury losses. If you are waiting until a loss has occurred to retain counsel and prepare a plan of action, you are waiting too long!

Some of the topics Tashia discusses include:

  • Assembling a team of risk professionals who will “swing into action” once a catastrophic loss occurs.
  • Who should be on the team.
  • Getting the team together, running a drill.
Download the Defending Construction Claims Handbook

Download Our Defending Construction Claims Handbook

This is the 2022 edition of Tashia Rasul’s Handbook, “Defending Construction Claims in New York.” Subtitled “A Practical Protocol for Coordinating Workers’ Compensation and General Liability Defense in Catastrophic Construction Claims” this book is intended for employers, risk managers, insurance brokers and adjusters who are involved in the defense of construction accident claims in New York, and who are looking for a plain-English guide to defending these claims.

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Our Construction Defense Team is led by Partner Tashia Rasul, Esq. This dedicated team exclusively handles workers' compensation claims arising out of construction accidents. Tashia’s expertise lies in complex coverage issues, wrap-ups, and claims arising out of catastrophic injuries. As part of her practice, Tashia frequently visits accident sites and provides on-site training to employers regarding workers' compensation claims, as well as to develop defense strategies. Tashia is the author of the “Defending Construction Claims in New York” Handbook, available here.

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