Trial Win: Employer Dismissed in Jersey Action Involving Employee Leasing Company

LOIS successfully defended an employer directly against a workers’ compensation claim and got them dismissed from the claim. The employer hired us directly to defend their interests in a workers’ compensation claim filed against them. An employee leasing entity provided the employee along with worker’s compensation coverage. The employer leasing company argued that they had terminated their contract of services with the employer and were therefore not responsible. We successfully argued that the statute for termination of insurance coverage was applicable and that they had not complied. First, the employer leasing company only provided a copy of the termination letter, but had not shown any proof of mailing or proof of service. Second, the accident occurred 2 days later (on a Sunday). The Judge entered an order against the employer leasing company and dismissed our client from the claim.
Case: RP v. IG;
Court: Newark
Lois Attorney: Karen Vincent, Esq.

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