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Video: Penalties and No Coverage Exposure in New York

The New York Workers’ Compensation Board collects $3 Million per year in procedural penalties alone. This is a staggering figure – amounting to approximately $300 in penalty for each new case accepted by the WCB. New York is a form-driven jurisdiction, and most common penalties arise from the late filing of required boilerplate forms.

The Workers’ Compensation Law is a minefield of penalties, fines, and criminal complications for the unwary. There are different penalty considerations for employers, claimants, insurers, and even attorneys.

Lois LLC recently presented a webinar designed to help the attendee answer the following questions:

  • “What are the most common reasons employers/carriers are penalized in New York?”
  • “What are the exposures for non-coverage in New York?”
  • What other activity can draw a penalty, such as illegal employment?”
  • “What do I do about a penalty?”

Attorney Greg Lois covers the fundamentals and at the end of the presentation, the attendees will have a basic understanding of New York penalties and exposures in workers’ compensation cases.

Subject: New York, Workers’ Compensation Law, Penalties
Date Presented: March 20, 2017
Presenter(s): Greg Lois, Esq.
Run time: 16:07 Continue reading Video: Penalties and No Coverage Exposure in New York