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Labor Market Attachment – Third Fridays Podcast

In this episode, attorneys Christian Sison and Declan Gourley discuss the defense of “Labor Market Attachment” in New York workers’ compensation cases on the Third Fridays podcast. The attorneys discuss the impact of the changes to the law enacted by the Legislature in April 2017. Continue reading Labor Market Attachment – Third Fridays Podcast

Video: Challenging Additional Sites of Injury in New York

Attorney Christian Sison presents strategies for defending New York claims against additional sites and consequential injuries being added later – beginning with “Day One” tactics to preserve all defenses!

Subject: New York, Workers’ Compensation Law, DFD1, #DefendFromDayOne
Date Presented: May 26, 2017
Presenter(s): Christian Sison
Run time: 21:41 Continue reading Video: Challenging Additional Sites of Injury in New York

The Employer’s Perspective – Third Fridays Podcast

In this episode, Christian Sison welcomes the employer’s perspective to the Third Fridays podcast. Christopher Lahey, a Senior Supervising Engineer from National Grid, starts a discussion about the issues involved when investigating alleged work accidents. Christopher talks about the types of injuries sustained by National Grid employees, and how the company puts its employees in the best position to return to full duty work. Continue reading The Employer’s Perspective – Third Fridays Podcast

Emergency Room Opioids?

Christian Sison
Christian Sison, Esq.

Opioids is one of the hottest topics in the workers’ compensation arena. As a result of the epidemic across the country, the New York Workers’ Compensation Board has implemented new procedures to address opioids. You can locate our recent articles about opioid abuse, requesting a weaning program with the assistance of the Non-Acute Pain Medical Treatment Guidelines, and the recent Board Bulletin released by the Workers’ Compensation Board that reiterates a growing need to stop the proliferation of long-term opioid use. Continue reading Emergency Room Opioids?

Third Fridays with Christian Sison

Today, November 18, 2016, is the third Friday of the month. In New York Workers’ Compensation, it is the only non-holiday in which no hearings are held through the entire State. So on that day, we present to you Third Fridays, a legal podcast – also available in video format – that aims to discuss high-level issues in Workers’ Compensation. I will host and moderate a discussion involving a special guest, and our hope is that you gain insight into practical and procedural routes to close your cases.

The podcast’s debut episode will solely be about opioids, a far-reaching problem experienced by all states. If you have a question about opioids, submit it via email to me at csison@lois-llc.com! We will incorporate your question into the discussion.

Third Fridays will premiere on December 16, 2016. Before you take your extended holiday vacation, give it a listen or a viewing. You will also learn how to become eligible to win a free iPad mini!