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How an Award of Workers’ Compensation Benefits Impacts Other Disability Benefits

In New York, when an individual suffers an accident or illness arising out of and in the course of employment, workers’ compensation becomes the primary source of wage replacement and medical benefits. It is important to understand how workers’ compensation benefits affect or are affected by other available benefit programs. Some of these additional benefit programs duplicate workers’ compensation benefits, some supplement workers’ compensation benefits, and others are paid instead of workers’ compensation benefits.

Private Long Term Disability Benefits: Some employers voluntarily provide employees with long term disability benefits. Individuals can also obtain these policies on their own. Long term disability benefits are typically available for periods of disability which extend beyond an ‘elimination period.’ These policies issue indemnity benefits to policyholders who are disabled and unable to work beyond a set period of time, i.e. six months, 26 weeks, or another set period of time specified in the long term disability policy.

The Workers’ Compensation Board does not have jurisdiction over private long term disability benefit plans. As there is no jurisdiction, the Board has no legal authority to direct reimbursement for a duplication of benefits. Therefore, a claimant can receive both workers’ compensation indemnity benefits and benefits from their long term disability policy at the same time and even receive more from the two than their normal weekly wage while working. However, most long term disability policies contain provisions that require reimbursement to the long term disability carrier or take an offset for any workers’ compensation benefits. These reimbursements and offsets are to be determined in accordance with the terms of the long term disability policy. Continue reading How an Award of Workers’ Compensation Benefits Impacts Other Disability Benefits