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Webinar: Medical Treatment and Nonacute Pain Management in New York

Title: “Medical Treatment Issues in New York.” (Medical Treatment Guidelines)

Attorneys Declan Gourley and Jeremy Janis lead a presentation and answer questions about medical treatment issues in New York workers’ compensation claims.

Register here: http://lois-llc.com/webinars/register-for-webinars/

All webinars begin with a 10-15 minute overview of a general topic, and then a Q & A session is held for the balance of the time. Questions can be on any topic in workers’ compensation law (not limited to the topic). Handout materials are provided in advance of each session.

New York Workers’ Compensation Board Announces New Hearing Process for Opioid Weaning Issues

Recognizing that opioid addiction is a major public health crisis, the New York Workers’ Compensation Board today announced a new hearing process to address opioid weaning issues. In 2014, the Board implemented the “Non-Acute Pain Medical Treatment Guidelines” (“MTG”) to address opioid usage in workers’ compensation claims.

Declan Gourley
Declan Gourley, Esq.

As the “Non-Acute Pain Medical Treatment Guildeines” makes clear, long-term opioid use is only recommended in limited circumstances, and must involve constant clinical monitoring and re-evaluation. The guidelines also includes best practices for safely weaning injured workers from opioids and other narcotics.

Requesting a Hearing

Under the new process, the insurance carrier or self-insured employer can now request a hearing to address whether the claimant should be weaned from opioids. In order to request the hearing, the Board requires an IME report or Records Review, “which indicates weaning goals and recommended weaning program or resource” be submitted with the RFA-2.
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