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Video: Evaluating Permanency Exposure in New York Workers’ Compensation Claims

Attorneys Tashia Rasul and Tim Kane lead a presentation and answer questions on evaluating exposure for Loss of Wage Earning Capacity awards in New York workers’ compensation claims.

Subject: New York, Workers’ Compensation Law, LWEC, Permanency, Exposure
Date Presented: November 20, 2017
Presenter(s): Tashia Rasul and Tim Kane
Run time: 29:30

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Webinar: Evaluating Cases for Exposure in New York

Title: “Evaluating Cases for Exposure in New York.” (Indemnity Benefits, Exposure)

Attorneys Tim Kane and Tashia Rasul lead a presentation and discussion on evaluating cases for settlement in New York.

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Explainer: Permanency Benefits in New York

The New York Workers’ Compensation Law allows for four types of benefits to be provided to injured workers: medical treatment, lost time wage replacement, death benefits, and permanent disability benefits. This article discusses the three types of permanent disability benefit available to the injured worker:

  • Scheduled loss of use.
  • Classification/LWEC
  • Permanent Total Disability.

The employer is exposed for permanent disabilities which the claimant may prove. These three types of disability are compensated at different rates.

Scheduled Loss of Use.

Values come from tables which establish the compensation for loss of limbs, vision, and hearing in terms of ‘weeks of compensation.’ Scheduled loss is the percent of those weeks equal to the percentage loss of function of the member (for example a 10% schedule use loss of the arm equates to 31.2 weeks of compensation. The award is the number of weeks of compensation according to the schedule multiplied buy the workers’ maximum rate (2/3rd of Average Weekly Wages subject to the maximum and minimum rates in place according to the year of the accident). Prior payments of compensation and wages (all wages, not just those paid at the compensation rate) are deducted from the award. Continue reading Explainer: Permanency Benefits in New York