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Video: The Defense of Lack of Employment in New Jersey

Here is the post-webinar video from our most recent presentation, “Is the Petitioner an Employee?” from our New Jersey workers’ compensation webinar training series.

The webinar was presented live by Lois LLC partner Joe Jones and associate Angiola DiPopolo and audience questions are addressed such as:

  • “How is ’employment’ defined in New Jersey?”
  • “How is the defense of ‘Lack of Employment’ raised?”
  • “How do the courts define an ‘independent contractor’ in New Jersey” and
  • “What about ‘undocumented’ or illegal workers – can they get benefits as a petitioner in a New Jersey workers’ compensation claim?”

Subject: New Jersey, Workers’ Compensation Law, Second Injury Fund
Date Presented: April 24, 2017
Presenter(s): Joe Jones, Esq. and Angiola DiPopolo, Esq.
Run time: 20:01 Continue reading Video: The Defense of Lack of Employment in New Jersey

Video: Is the Claimant an Employee?

Is a minor covered by New York’s Workers’ Compensation law? How about undocumented workers? What are the rules for coverage for independent contractors? Attorney Greg Lois presents a webinar on the defense of “Lack of Employment” in New York.

Subject: New York, Workers’ Compensation Law, Lack of Employment, Defenses, Employer-Employee
Date Presented: April 17, 2017
Presenter(s): Greg Lois, Esq.
Run time: 23:10 Continue reading Video: Is the Claimant an Employee?