2020 New York Workers’ Compensation Handbook

2020 New York Workers' Compensation handbook
Cover of 2020 New York Workers’ Compensation Handbook

This is Gregory Lois’ practical, up-to-date, and easy-to-understand guide to workers’ compensation claims in New York. This book is designed for employers, attorneys, claim adjusters, physicians, self-insured employers and vocational rehabilitation workers.

This guide is written in plain English by a New York State attorney and provides a detailed analysis of relevant statutes and regulations; a complete recap of recent court decisions including 2018 & 2019 cases; and a full description of current practice. This book provides a behind-the-scenes look at the complicated issues and makes the law understandable for business owners.

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About the Book.

List Price: $129.00
6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
329 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1704018157
BISAC: Law / Labor & Employment

New in the 2020 edition:

  • Discussion of New York’s NEW Prescription Drug Formulary in Chapter 8, “Medical Treatment.”
  • Impact of the “Temporary Disability Credit” on Loss of Wage Earning Awards in Chapter 15 “Understanding Loss of Wage Earning Capacity.”
  • Summary of the Medical Fee Schedule changes which came into effect in 2019. See Chapter 8, “Medical Treatment.”
  • Review of the 2018 Permanency Guidelines as they impact case evaluations and settlement exposures. See Chapter 7, “Indemnity Benefits.”
  • Discussion of the Virtual Hearing Program which is now mandatory in New York. Chapter 1, “Claim Overview.”
  • Extensive new discussion of apportionment in New York claims. Chapter 12, “Occupational Exposure and Repetitive Use Claims.”
  • Review and summary of dozens of new (2018-2019) decisions which impact the practice and defense of worker’s compensation claims in New York.
  • Updated rates and benefits sections with 2019-2020 rates.
  • Discussion of virtual hearing program.

Includes a summary of the Medical Treatment Guidelines (Chapter 8) and the New York State Guidelines for Determining Permanent Impairment. Up-to-date chapters on the Medicare Secondary Payer Act and MMSEA, OSHA regulations, and HIPAA considerations are included.
[Revision date: November 9, 2019]

Chapter List:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Claim Overview (beginning at page 5)
  • Chapter 2: Fighting Frivolous Claims (page 37)
  • Chapter 3: Jurisdiction  (page 47)
  • Chapter 4: Employers and Employees (page 55)
  • Chapter 5: Defenses (page 69)
  • Chapter 6: Arising Out Of and In the Course of Employment (page 79)
  • Chapter 7: Indemnity Benefits (page 87)
  • Chapter 8: Medical Benefits and the Medical Treatment Guidelines (page 103)
  • Chapter 9: Death Benefits (page 119)
  • Chapter 10: Off the Job injuries; Disability Benefits (page 123)
  • Chapter 11: Traumatic Injuries (page 125)
  • Chapter 12: Occupational Claims (page 129)
  • Chapter 13: Trials and Hearings (page 141)
  • Chapter 14: Independent Medical Evaluations (page 157)
  • Chapter 15: Understanding Loss of Wage Earning Capacity (LWEC) (page 167)
  • Chapter 16: Settling Claims (page 193)
  • Chapter 17: Reopening Closed PPD Cases (page 197)
  • Chapter 18: Liens, Third Party Settlements, Special Fund Reimbursement, and Loss Transfer Litigation. (page 201)
  • Chapter 19: Penalties. (page 223)
  • Chapter 20: World Trade Center Health Fund (page 229)
  • Chapter 21: Medicare Secondary Payer Act (page 235)
  • Chapter 22: OSHA- Developing a Comprehensive Prevention Strategy for Workplace Injuries (page 247)
  • Chapter 23: HIPAA (page 259)
  • Chapter 24: Owner Controlled Insurance Policy (OCIP) and Contractor Controlled Insurance Policy (CCIP)(page 275)


Author: Gregory Lois

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