LOIS Partner Tashia Rasul will participate in a panel “Best Practices for Dual Jurisdiction Claims” at the CLM Annual Conference in Orlando Florida on March 14, 2019.

Trial Win: LOIS Attorney Tashia Rasul Vigorously Prosecutes Fraud on Behalf of Employers

LOIS Law Firm attorney and Construction Practice Team Partner Tashia Rasul successfully severed the ongoing payment of Workers’ Compensation benefits to the Claimant in an effort to protect her client’s interests. Considering the client’s monetary exposure is a classic feature in the overall LOIS strategy that Tashia masterfully and frequently employs.

After raising the fact that the Claimant is committing a material misrepresentation in order to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits under Section 114-a, Tashia argued that the Carrier should stop paying benefits. Tashia further alluded to the findings revealed in the covert surveillance footage that showed the Claimant performing activities similar to his pre-injury employment. Tashia further argued that the Claimant should not be given the benefit of the doubt when he is alleged to have committed fraud.

Despite the Claimant’s arguments against this, the Law Judge agreed with Tashia’s reasoning in that the record was underdeveloped and that the Claimant should not be receiving payments when there is a probable chance of a finding of fraud. In stopping benefits to the Claimant, Tashia proactively defended her client’s interests and limited her client’s economic exposure.

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