A look back at 2011. . .

Most-Requested Articles of 2011 . . .

New York 

10) Challenging Wages in Concurrent Employment Cases Post reform.
9) Overview of the New Permanent Disability Guidelines Effective January 2012.
8) When Are "Exotic Performers" not Employees in New York?
7) New York Workers' Compensation settlements.
6) Suicide and Compensation.
5) Applying the "Attachment to the workforce" test to ongoing benefits.
4) Effective Use of video at trial in New York.
3) Applying the Medical Treatment Guidelines to Out-of-state claimant
2) Rejecting Variances Based on Defective Filings.
1) The Medical Treatment Guidelines in Practice.

New Jersey

9) Using Facebook and other Social Media to Nail Frauds in New Jersey.
8) Attorneys' Fee Trends in New Jersey.
7) Reconstructing Wages in New Jersey.
6) Trying a Medical Provider Claim – the Burn Surgeon's Case.
5) Using a "Tie-Breaker" to Resolve a Medical Treatment Dispute.
4) Was It Too Much Facebook or Too Much Work that Killed Cathleen Renner?
3) Using Video at Trial in New Jersey.
2) Penalties for Carrier's Actions in New Jersey and New York.
1) Love and Bullets for Valentines Day.

Longshore and Defense Base Act

5) Initial Reporting under the Longshore Act.
4) Defenses under the Longshore Act.
3) Calculating Wages under the Defense Base Act.
2) The "True Doubt" Rule.
1) New Longshore Rates in Effect.

Greg Lois is the managing partner of LOIS LLC and dedicates his practice to defending employers and carriers in New York and New Jersey workers' compensation claims. Greg is the author of a popular series of "Handbooks" on workers' compensation, and is the co-author of the 2016-2019 Lexis-Nexis New Jersey Workers' Compensation Practice Guide. Greg can be reached at 201-880-7213 or glois@loisllc.com