Presentation News

I just presented a ‘Legal Update’ to the North Jersey Claims Association on September 23, 2010. I had a really great time sharing with this growing group.

I talked about two new cases and the practical applications for claims professionals. The first case dealt with ‘bad faith’ on the part of a carrier and the second was on Medicare Secondary Payer (links are to places where I’ve discussed the two cases – Davis and Jackson, elsewhere).

Some links for attendees:
Here is a link to my ‘checklist’ for handling cases with Medicare complications; and
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Greg Lois is the managing partner of LOIS LLC and dedicates his practice to defending employers and carriers in New York and New Jersey workers' compensation claims. Greg is the author of a popular series of "Handbooks" on workers' compensation, and is the co-author of the 2016-2019 Lexis-Nexis New Jersey Workers' Compensation Practice Guide. Greg can be reached at 201-880-7213 or