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Focus on Service

Our goal is to go above-and-beyond for our clients and referral partners. We want to be your “Go To” law firm in New York and New Jersey. We know we have the experience and dedication to meet your needs, but to really be your partner we focus on service and responsiveness.

Every communication you receive from our Firm includes the following set of “one-click” links, making every interaction client-centered:

Here’s how we do it:

#1: Simple File Referrals. Guaranteed.

We make referring a file simple. Email us a new matter and within one business day we will have all pleadings and notices filed. No small print. No exceptions. This applies to any court in any jurisdiction we practice in. Guaranteed. With 20 years of experience and dependable accuracy, we make sure no defenses are waived or filings missed.

#2: Always Accurate Answers from your “Go To” Law Firm on General Questions.

Have a question, but it’s not on a file we’re handling for you? For our clients, that’s not a barrier to getting our best advice. We always quickly respond to your general questions about case-level decisions. Considering disputing a new matter? Have a question about specific benefits which may be payable? Need some advice about the best expert to retain? We are happy to provide guidance from our subject matter experts in the area of law you need now! Every email from us includes a simple “one-click” link to get instant help.

#3: We Listen To You and Welcome Feedback.

You deserve a partner, not a vendor. At LOIS, we welcome client feedback. Every email from every member of our team includes an easy-to-use “one-click” button which allow our clients to provide us with a rating of our responsiveness, aggressiveness, and clarity of guidance. Want to remain anonymous? Our survey allows for that. Want an immediate response from a team leader? We can do that, too! 

Need Even More Reasons to Work With Us?

We love what we do and are passionate about sharing our decades of knowledge and experience. Each month we offer multiple live webinars to Firm clients, including lively question-and-answer sessions. We are perhaps best-known for our comprehensive handbooks on New York, New Jersey, Longshore, and Construction defense. We love to teach and lead our clients towards best practices and cutting edge solutions to their litigation problems. 

Why Our Clients Pick Us.

Want to know what our clients have to say about us? Here are some results from recent surveys:

  • “When we compare you to panel counsel, your performance is off the charts! Thanks LOIS team!”
  • “Its a pleasure to work with attorneys who aren’t always trying to sell me something or cross-market me within their Firm.”
  • “It’s important to us to choose attorneys with excellent reputations within their practice . . . when we retained LOIS we knew we were getting the experience of Greg Lois and a great team.”
  • “Competitive rates, comparing favorably to other panel counsel.”

Ready for the LOIS Advantage?

 Contact Greg Lois or Practice Manager Lauren Rella to request references, copies of our Firm Resume (Firm CV), Professional Liability Coverage Certificate, W-9 forms, and/or Tax ID Number (Federal EIN).

Mission, Standards, Focus

Our mission is to defend employers. We continually push the state-of-the-art on Best Practices in our practice area. Our attorneys are identified as the very best at what we do because we focus on a Firm-wide, highly developed training program.

Join the team focused on mastery. LOIS is a learning organization and we devote significant resources, out of a proportion to a Firm of of our size, to the training and development of our teams.

We Begin on Day One.

Our training program for all new employees begins on the first day. We welcome you to the team by closing the office and spending your first hour on breakfast and introductions to the entire office (50+ people) including the managing partner and leadership team.

Your first week at the Firm is spent in a rigorous training program, led by our Director of Training and Development. This program introduces the new team member to our standards, technology, and processes in a systemic and measured way.

New associates are not assigned to a team and are instead provided one-on-one training led by a Firm partner and daily seminars led by partner attorneys for the first 30 days. During this period the new attorney is immersed in subject-matter work and has an opportunity to ease into life at the Firm.

Our Learning Culture Extends Beyond the Initial Training Period.

Firm Wide Training Events

On the third Friday of every month, LOIS holds “on campus” training events for all partners, attorneys, paralegals, and staff. These events often include presentations from outside professionals, including recent Firm-wide seminars led by a neurosurgeon on cross-examination, an investigation firm on new tools in social media investigations, a pain management doctor on effective weaning programs, and experts on appellate brief-writing.

Our Focus on Continuing Legal Education

We go above-and-beyond to ensure that every attorney has ample opportunity to obtain Continuing Legal Education credits that are practice-specific. During our live Third Friday’s programs (our monthly on-campus training day) attorneys earn live CLE credits for attending. We have also partners with WestLegal Education Center to make available hundred of online, practice-specific training courses so that attorneys can stay up-to-date on legal topics. The Firm also provides a CLE-tracking system for attorneys and assists attorneys in staying compliant.

Trial-tested LOIS lawyer John Marzolla delivers results

Photo of John Marzolla from the November 29, 2018 webinar o.
John Marzolla speaking at the November 29, 2018 webinar on the Jamaica hearing point going virtual.
With years of experience as an accomplished negotiator and litigator, John Marzolla has vast expertise in worker’s compensation cases. Marzolla co-founded the Lois Law Firm to focus exclusively on employer-side workers’ compensation cases and with a mission to nurture a culture of excellence in the practice of workers’ compensation law. His experienced team of worker’s compensation attorneys deliver extraordinary work product and legendary client service to employers and carriers in New York and New Jersey. Continue reading Trial-tested LOIS lawyer John Marzolla delivers results

The Cutting Edge of Workers’ Compensation Defense

Lois Law Firm LLC is a trial firm representing employers. We focus on complex and catastrophic workers’ compensation losses in New York and New Jersey and our lawyers have tried some of the most important worker’s compensation matters for the largest companies in the world. Our clients rely on us to aggressively defend them from baseless, predatory lawsuits filed by current and former employees.

With offices in New York and New Jersey, Lois Law Firm is the preeminent workers’ compensation defense firm. Founded by managing partner Greg Lois our experienced trial lawyers are devoted to the diligent and aggressive defense of high exposure claims.

The firm’s partners are nationally recognized advocates who have consistently achieved success in defending employers in thousands of workers compensation trials and hearings. “Our team approach to the defense of each case is important,” says partner Declan Gourley. “Our partners lead teams consisting of associates and paralegals who collaborate on cases. This collaboration fosters intimate familiarity with each cases detail and nuances and allows its defense to be strengthened throughout the course of litigation.
“We have a track record of resolving cases that appeared unwinnable,” add partner Tashia Rasul. “Through our aggressive representation, we have repeatedly prevailed in challenging venues and with equally challenging facts.”
“Our experience in the courtroom, in the trial of significant cases, and our reputation among the bench and bar set us apart from other litigation defense firms,” says partner Christian Sison. “The depth, knowledge, and expertise of our trial partners and associates enable us to obtain the best results for our clients.”
“Our partners all come from different backgrounds, yet all share a belief that hard work and integrity yield the best results and forge lasting relationships,” says partner Joe Jones. “These principles are the cornerstones of our firm’s practice and are reflected in our daily approach to our clients, adversaries, ad the practice of law.”

Tashia Rasul on Best Practices in Dual Jurisdiction Claims at CLM Annual Meeting

LOIS Partner Tashia Rasul will participate in a panel “Best Practices for Dual Jurisdiction Claims” at the CLM Annual Conference in Orlando Florida on March 14, 2019. This is one of the largest professional conferences of its kind in the country, with more than 2,000 participants and the presentation explores the role of workers’ compensation defense counsel in coordinated multiple-jurisdiction cases. These types of cases are common in the New York construction litigation arena, where project owners and construction entities are often defending civil actions brought under New York’s Labor Law and a workers’ compensation claim prosecuted before the New York Workers’ Compensation Board.

Rasul leads the construction practice at the firm and represents a wide array of clients in the defense of workers’ compensation claims before the New York Workers’ Compensation Board, including construction contractors, general contractors, project owners, developers, architects, engineers and other professionals in all aspects of construction litigation.

LOIS is consistently regarded as a Firm that fights for construction clients with an unmatched track record. The Firm’s lawyers use their expertise and years of experience handling construction cases to fully defend construction injury claims. “I make a difference for my clients because I am hands-on with my cases,” says Rasul. “Sitting behind a desk and appearing in court comprise only a fraction of what I do for my clients. I visit constructions sites so I can learn about the projects and what is important to my clients. I also visit the sites so I can meet with the key players face-to-face, observe the accident location, and develop defense strategies.”

With six attorney partners and more than 17 associate attorneys, LOIS prides itself on giving each case the complete attention it deserves and requires at every step of the legal process. “Our promise to clients is that we will aggressively defend their case. We begin envisioning how the trial plays out the first day we take on a new matter from the client, ” says managing partner Greg Lois. “That has always been our recipe for success and my partner Tashia Rasul exemplifies the type of strong, dedicated advocate that we think best represents our clients.”

“I believe this approach makes a difference for my clients because it allows me to obtain first-hand knowledge of the job-site and where the accident occurred, as well as the parties that were involved, resulting in a well-rounded understanding of the underlying details of the case,” says Rasul “This in turn helps me to determine the evidence I need so I can piece a defense strategy together.”

Get Our Comp Defense Handbook

2019 New York Workers’ Compensation Law Handbook.

New York Workers' Compensation Law Handbook 2019 Edition

The 2019 edition of Gregory Lois’ practical, up-to-date, and easy-to-understand guide to workers’ compensation claims in New York.



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2019 New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law Handbook.

New Jersey Workers' Compensation Law Handbook 2019 Edition

The 2019 edition of Gregory Lois’ New Jersey Handbook.



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Best Practices in Dual Jurisdiction Cases: New York General Liability and Workers’ Compensation.

Subtitle: A Practical Protocol for Coordinating Workers’ Compensation and General Liability Defense Counsel in Catastrophic Construction Cases.



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