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#DFD1: Third Fridays Podcast

For the first time in the show’s history, Third Fridays podcast host Christian Sison comes to you live and without any guests. The topic is #DefendFromDay1, and the show focuses on how the movement began, how it can be currently implemented, and how we can use it for the future.

Within the construct of #DFD1, Christian reviews a recent Appellate Division case involving conflicting medical testimony on the causal relationship of a requested surgery. In analyzing the Court’s decision, it becomes clear that #DFD1 strategies would have best been used to procure an IME report much sooner and with the benefit of the pre-accident records. As to the future, Christian projects an interesting possibility as to how the Board may use medical records and testimony, in light of its recent trend towards efficiency and expediency.
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Loss Transfer in New York: Third Fridays Podcast

Discussion of New York’s “No Fault” Insurance Law (Article 51) and Workers’ Compensation Law Section 29 liens in New York. Host Christian Sison welcomes returning guest Christopher Major to the latest episode of Third Fridays to discuss the interplay between the “carve out” of reimbursement and when it applies in New York workers’ compensation cases. This episode is a must-listen for subrogation specialists, carrier risk professionals, and New York attorneys handling motor vehicle and workers’ compensation cases in New York.

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Video: Challenging Additional Sites of Injury in New York

Attorney Christian Sison presents strategies for defending New York claims against additional sites and consequential injuries being added later – beginning with “Day One” tactics to preserve all defenses!

Subject: New York, Workers’ Compensation Law, DFD1, #DefendFromDayOne
Date Presented: May 26, 2017
Presenter(s): Christian Sison
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