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The Employer’s Perspective – Third Fridays Podcast

In this episode, Christian Sison welcomes the employer’s perspective to the Third Fridays podcast. Christopher Lahey, a Senior Supervising Engineer from National Grid, starts a discussion about the issues involved when investigating alleged work accidents. Christopher talks about the types of injuries sustained by National Grid employees, and how the company puts its employees in the best position to return to full duty work. Continue reading The Employer’s Perspective – Third Fridays Podcast

Fraud – Third Fridays Podcast

Today’s topic is fraud. Attorney Christian Sison welcomes New York defense litigator Usra Hussain to the show to discuss fighting fraud in New York workers’ compensation claims. Can employers prove that claimants “knowingly” violate Section 114-a? Is it always beneficial to raise fraud at the outset of a claim? The episode ends with Usra taking her turn at “Guess the Outcome”! Continue reading Fraud – Third Fridays Podcast

The Claimant’s Attorney Perspective – Third Fridays Podcast

Christian Sison welcomes guest attorney, Timothy Kane, to the third Episode of the podcast. Christian and Tim discuss Tim’s prior role as a claimant’s attorney in New York Workers’ Compensation cases and how that has helped him to be a zealous advocate for employers. The two of them then talk about using that information to stress aggressive investigation into claims, in preparation for litigation of several issues. After Tim plays “Guess the Outcome,” he and Christian conceptualize the difficulty of rebutting the presumption afforded to claimants pursuant to Section 21 of the New York Workers’ Compensation Law. Continue reading The Claimant’s Attorney Perspective – Third Fridays Podcast