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Video: Jamaica Hearing Point Goes Virtual

On December 3, 2018, the Jamaica hearing point goes “virtual.” This hearing point serves the Bronx and Queens and is the largest single hearing point in the New York workers’ compensation system. This transition to virtual hearings caps off a year-long project by the Board to roll out virtual hearings across the State and make attorney check in through the virtual hearing system mandatory across the entire system. Lois Attorneys Joe Jones (left), Declan Gourley (center), and John Marzolla (right) present a roundtable discussion on what this means for employers and carriers.

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Download PDF Edition of 2019 New York Workers’ Compensation Handbook

New York Workers' Compensation Law Handbook 2019 Edition
Cover of the New York Workers’ Compensation Law Handbook, 2019 Edition. Guide for employers and carriers to New York workers’ compensation law.
This is the PDF (Adobe Acrobat) version of “New York Workers’ Compensation Law – 2019 Edition” by Gregory Lois. This is the most practical, up-to-date and easy-to-understand guide to New Jersey workers’ compensation claims available. This book is designed for employers, attorneys, claims adjusters, physicians, self-insured employers and vocational rehabilitation workers. This guide is written in plain English by a New Jersey attorney and provides a detailed analysis of relevant statutes and regulations; a complete recap of recent court decisions; and a full description of current practice and procedure. This book provides a behind-the-scenes look at the complicated issues and makes the law understandable for business owners.

A comprehensive description, including a list of what was updated since the last edition and complete chapter list is here.

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Video: How Attorneys Evaluate Claims for Exposure in New York

This is the video from our November 19, 2018 live webinar presented by attorneys John Marzolla and Tim Kane. The experienced workers’ compensation defense attorneys discuss their approaches to evaluating New York workers’ compensation claims for exposure.

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Defending WTC “Rescue, recovery, and clean-up”Claims Under Article 8-A

Although seventeen years have elapsed since the tragic events of September 11, 2001, New York Workers’ Compensation claimants continue to bring claims for latent conditions they allege are related to the World Trade Center attack (generally referred to as “Article 8-A claims”, based on the governing statute). Any claimant suffering from a qualifying latent condition is eligible to bring an Article 8-A claim if they participated in “rescue, recovery and clean-up operations” at the World Trade Center site (and other related sites listed in the statute) between September 11, 2001, and September 12, 2002. While these claims are often emotionally compelling, the claimants often do not have grounds to bring the claims under 8-A. Here’s how to defend these claims. Continue reading Defending WTC “Rescue, recovery, and clean-up”Claims Under Article 8-A